How to reduce Animations in One UI?

Samsung built One UI with an intuitive and easily accessible interface, that’s not only new but gives you a rich and clean UI experience. The Home screen, Apps, Settings menu, Notification panel and more have all been redesigned compared to its predecessor. But nevertheless, Samsung phones have that tad bit extra second difference in the loading of apps due to animations. We will have a look at how we can reduce them on our Samsung phone running on One UI. 

That is to say, it will not actually improve processor speed or affect individual app performance. What this method does is speed up the overall time spent navigating the user interface and jumping between apps. In particular, we are going to reduce the animation and transition duration on your Galaxy smartphone. Samsung has turned an old-school trick to make your device feel faster into an official feature in Android Pie with the new One UI. Turning off animations in the user interface no longer requires activating developer options.

Back in the day, many Android users would make their device feel faster by speeding up or disabling, interface animations. It’s something we used to recommend as well. In fact, even today it is possible to tap the Build Number field in the Settings » Software information menu seven times to unlock a whole new menu with many developer-centric features. 

If you head into the Advanced features section of the Samsung’s Settings app, you can find a Reduce animations option. Switch it on, and indeed, most animations will be gone from your user experience. Most, but not all, as Samsung leaves a few in place so the interface does not become too rough.

Watch our latest video & learn how to reduce animations on Samsung phones running on One UI.


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